This page lists selected events, appearances, readings, and exhibitions of work.

Playful by Design Symposium 2022

Game Studies and Design Program, University of Illinois, online November 2, 2022. |HERE|.

Live Streaming Symposium: Communities of Play

Center for 21st Studies Digtal Cultures Collaboratory, online April 7-18, 2021. Members of the Collab invite online presentations exploring the potential of live-streaming on Twitch and other platforms for teaching, community building, and research. See the Call for Participation |HERE|.

An afternoon with afternoon

A chain reading of Michael Joyce's afternoon: a story featuring J. Yellowlees Douglas, Yours Truly, N. Katherine Hayles, John McDaid, Walter Vannini, Mariusz Pisarski, Arnauld Regnauld, Matthew Kirschenbaum, Maria Engberg, Heather Malin, and Michael Joyce. Organized and produced by Dene Grigar and the Electronic Literature Laboratory at the Washington State University Vancouver, July 15, 2020. Videos available |HERE|.

The Hypertext Years

Invited talk, Association for Computing Machinery Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, Online: July 14, 2020. Presentation website |HERE|. Full paper |HERE|.

80 Days of Serious Play

A presentation at the second NarraScope conference of the Interactive Fiction Technology Foundation, Online: April 28, 2020. This is a mediation on "the future of Chess Club" (or how we can care about obscure fictions in a world falling apart), modulated by a Serious Play encounter with Inkle's 80 Days. Taking part were Scott Bruner, Janelle Malagon, Kelly Brajevich, Erik Kersting, and Stuart Moulthrop. Video |HERE|.

Closed Game-Like Arcs

Paper presented at the Wandering Games conference organized by Melissa Kagen and Eben Muse at Bangor University in Wales, June 2019. Full paper |HERE|.

After Multimedia: Speed, Mass, and the Future Literary

Invited address to an international conference on literature in Seoul, Korea, May 2017. Speaking text |HERE|. Powerpoint |HERE|.

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