Edges and Surfaces

This page is preamble to an essay called "Getting Over the Edge." The essay was originally written for a print volume called Communication and Cyberspace: Social Interaction in an Electronic Environment, due later in 1995 from Hampton Press (201/894-1686). It offers a critical view of "cyberculture," or our printheaded desire to "change for the machines," as Pat Cadigan's characters say.

As I finished the print essay, it became compellingly clear that there should be a hypertext as well. Ideally this should have been what I have elsewhere called a "native" hypertext -- i.e. a network of writings conceived and executed electronically. You will not find such a thing here, though if you want to see something of that sort, visit Nancy Kaplan's space,"E-Literacies" or my own essay, "Shadow of an Informand".

The essay is presently configfured as a single long page, about 25 kilobytes in size. It could take a while to load. If you still want to read "Getting Over the Edge," proceed.


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